Month: May, 2014

Quality Mexican Food!


According to, El Ponce to has crowned the best Mexican restaurant in the Atlanta metropolitan area! This place by far is known to serve the most authentic Mexican cuisine in the city. For all of my foodies out there who loves to try new and foreign foods, this is the place to be! Once known as El Azteca, has been bought by a new owner who has renamed is as “El Ponce.” Even though the name of this establishment has been changed, the food, service and good time has remained the same. Before the renaming of the restaurant, I was a regular at this establishment and had no problem patronizing this business. On the day of my visit, it was my 24th birthday. This was my first time visiting when since it became El Ponce. The food and service was amazing! I ordered a medium sized mango margarita, along with a shrimp taco combo which is a dish that I always order. The drink was VERY STRONG, but it was very well mixed. Our waitress was very polite and professional. I would recommend this place for anyone to visit. If you’re looking for a low-key place to enjoy good food this is the place to be!

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