Month: June, 2014

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Play time! Let’s Get Righteous!


This week I had the pleasure of visiting one of the best kept secrets in Midtown Atlanta…..The Righteous Room! Located on Ponce De Leon Ave, this low key location sits in the middle of some of the well known spots in Atlanta. My girlfriends and I were riding around in the city of Atlanta and we had absolutely no place to hang out. We soon became frustrated because our usual hangout spots were all packed to capacity. After our last attempt to hang out at El Bar which is located below El Ponce, I suggested to my friends that we should check out The Righteous Room. I have always been curious about this bar simply because of me passing the plaza every day last summer when I was working in midtown. This past Friday I finally had the chance of visiting this establishment for the first time! My first impression of approaching The Righteous Room was very quaint and eccentric! I for one would crown this establishment as a neighborhood bar. The Righteous Room is a place where you could be served casual drinks as well as pitchers of draft beer, the finest wine in town and bar bites that satisfies anyone’s taste buds. This neighborhood bar is not only known for their bar selection and veggies, the mood of the bar is accompanied by solid brick walls and local art. As soon as you walk into The Righteous Room, one can be greeted with unpredictable music that manages to catch the ear. Not only is this place a great location to hang out but the service is also amazing which will definitely make me one to return! I would recommend everyone to order a fireball shot and a pitcher of Shock Top which was $15!! I would give this place a two thumbs up and I would encourage anyone who likes an exciting but low key change of pace to visit The Righteous Room!

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