Month: July, 2014

Out of the town to RA Sushi Bar & Restaurant

Me and one of best girls heading out on the town meeting up for happy hour at RA Sushi


RA Sushi Bar

California Rolls

RA Sushi

Shrimp rolls

RA Sushi Bar & Restaurant

Cuervo Yuzu Margarita

RA Sushi Bar & Restaurant

Pineapple Cheese Wontons

RA Sushi. Bar. Restaurant


RA Sushi Bar & Restaurant is an upscale place that is known for their style of Japanese fusion. This sushi bar is known for their inventive sushi creations, cocktails, and their oh so popular happy hour deals. My high school classmate and I stumbled upon this place a week ago where we kept hearing about how people were raving about RA Sushi so we were dying to try something new. My friend and I are no strangers to good sushi, and we are always on a quest to find new best kept secrets! What I do like about this place is that during happy hour, they validate your parking, but only for two hours which was a long enough stay for us. And just a side note: while my friend and I were there, we not only adored the ambiance of the restaurant but we also adored the very handsome young men that works there as well! We were smitten! Aside from that the food, service, cleanliness of the restaurant was absolutely phenomenal. I not only enjoyed the company that was with me but just enjoyed the all around mood that the restaurant has to offer. We just so happen to go to RA Sushi on a Monday which was a good day for happy hour and we had a great time! We ordered the sesame wings, Cuervo Margaritas, California rolls and it was also great with a great presentation. We will definitely be visiting again very soon and I would tell anyone to stop by for a glass of wine at happy hour!

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Delight Your Palate Caribbean Chicken & Fish

Delight Your Palate Caribbean Chicken & Fish has lunch specials each and everyday. They are closed on Mondays. This is the front of the location!

Delight Your Palate!


A few weeks ago my best friend and I decided to try a new Jamaican spot where we are BIG FANS of Caribbean food. We ended up visiting a new establishment called Delight Your Palate Chicken & Fish. When you approach the location, it doesn’t look like much but the food is everything and more! We even noticed that they had patrons that eat there as well such as Andre 3000 who has his picture on the wall twice and superstar r&b singer Usher, also made his way on the wall as well. Of course when I go out to eat, I always make sure that I see what grade that the establishment has and it was a 100 A, which made me even more excited to see what was in store. The outside of the location which you see above is very quaint and the people who work and own the establishment were very friendly and helpful. The prices at Delight Your Palate is a little pricey but it’s definitely worth every penny that you spend. I decided to order a small jerk chicken plate which gave you the choice of two sides. For my sides I ordered, corn & okra, rice & peas, cabbage with a side of cocoa bread.  When it gets fairly busy, it can sometimes be hard to find a good parking spot. Other than that I would recommend any and everyone who are fans of island delights that they should fall through and try it out. Once you see the menu you would see for yourself that it has nothing but authenticity. I really enjoyed visiting this down home Caribbean shanty and I plan to revisit very soon!!

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