ATL’s Best Kept Secret

by nemotheeguru

I haven’t always been the best at catching breakfast in the mornings but I definitely had the opportunity to catch this one! Now this isn’t my first time visiting but it is my second time ordering the same dish. Ladies and gentleman, I introduce to your tastebuds, Homegrown. My boyfriend took me to this place of business earlier this summer and I was impressed by far! For all of those who are in favor of a great place for breakfast, Homegrown is the place to be! Homegrown is the perfect place for breakfast, brunch & lunch! The ambiance is amazing. The inside of this place will give you the down home cooking and the southern comfort you’ve been looking for. Be sure if you want to get a good seat, make sure you get there early because it does get packed on the weekends!

Homegrown is the perfect breakfast spot! For all my foodies reading this I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for reading!