My New Years at Yardhouse

by nemotheeguru

For my NYE, my boyfriend and I decided to have dinner at Yardhouse which is located at Atlantic Station in Atlanta, Ga. I have visited this restaurant before but it was only for a brief moment and close to closing time. I had the chance to pick something from the menu & enjoy the atmosphere. Before walking in my fear was us having to wait to be seated for a long peril of time because of the holiday. Instead we only waited for 10 minutes and was immediately seated. Prior to this visit, I enjoyed what I saw as far as the selection on the menu & the atmosphere of the restaurant.
As I sat down I took the time to look around the place where I saw the wall Art, flat screen television for entertainment and the also the mood of the whole restaurant. I would say that I enjoyed my meal and my time there. Plus the bill wasn’t a bad price if I may add. I ordered the mushu eggrolls as my appetizer and a roasted turkey club as the main course. As far as the customer service, it was pretty good I would say. There wasn’t a long wait, our server was polite & accomodating, and the food was enjoyable. I plan to revisit & try the jambalaya!!

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