Sweet Times at Sweet Potato Cafe

by nemotheeguru

One morning I was out for my daily workout where I soon became hungry. Early that morning I was out walking Stone Mountain Park where I spotted this small cafe while leaving. The cafe was located in Stone Mountain Village across from an Art shop.
Me being who I am I was very curious and thinking with my stomach I convinced myself to give it a try. Before walking in this cafe it looks like a small single standing house, once you walk inside the atmosphere gives the down-home feeling that anyone would enjoy. Since it was my first visit I decided to be on the safe side and order a sweet potato biscuit. This biscuit wasn’t the same frozen jimmy dean breakfast that we all know and love. This biscuit was made out of sweet potatoes and the turkey sausage patty was freshly made with ground turkey. As soon as you take the first bite it’s nothing but heaven on a plate. I truly enjoyed this biscuit along with the fresh raspberries beautifully placed along side the sweet potato biscuit.
During my visit, not only was the food amazing but the staff did their part as well. Before leaving I was able to meet the chef of the cafe. She was very kind and made sure that I enjoyed my experience & wanted me to come again! This was truly a great good experience for me and I plan to go back very soon.

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Thanks for reading!!!