Do At The View

For a few years now I’ve been hearing a lot about this restaurant which I’ve been dying to go for the longest. Do At The View is an upscale pizza lounge with a great atmosphere to die for. This past weekend I paid a visit to this restaurant for Valentines Day and I was very impressed. The lounge is covered in all white where on each table the guests can order their meals and drinks from an iPad. If you look up at the walls there are images shown from a projector and if you download an app called, “remote”, you’re able to control the videos that are played on the projector. The atmosphere was very calming, welcoming and romantics. For the appetizer we ordered stuffed mushrooms and ordered two personal pan pizzas. After the entree we ordered a banana pudding which was very impressive. I never eat banana pudding unless it’s homemade but I made an acception. If I wasn’t already impressed the restrooms which are called “confessionals” were very clean & high tech. I simply pressed a green button to enter and once I stepped in I pushed a big red button which makes the doors close in a sliding motion. My overall visit was a great one. It was more than I expected and I definitely plan to pay this place a visit again!

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