PSA: This Is A Food Poison Free Zone

by nemotheeguru

When a customer visits a restaurant, he or she is looking forward to what they are about to eat from the menu. Be mindful, at the bottom of the menu it clearly states in fine print that the customers should be aware that any food that is served by that restaurant and consumed by that customer that the meal could be raw or a customer could get an allergic reaction. 

This is their way of implementing their insurance policy on not being responsible for any harm done to that person. I recently visited a restuarant this Saturday where I ordered a Jack Daniels Turkey Burger and it was absolutely delicious. The presentation was good and the service was satisfying. The next day I came down with a terrible stomach virus where I suffered from food poisoning. Turns out the burger wasn’t well cooked like I thought. I was highly disappointed after having a conversation with management because he did not want to take responsibility for this misfortune. The moral to this story is to first check the grade of the establishment, read the fine print on the menu, ask questions, and examine your food. 

Thanks for reading!