Lil 5 Points Newest Edition

by nemotheeguru

Four years in business and six months in Lil 5 Points is where you may find Miss Crumpy’s Hot Wings! Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting this independent establishment and enjoyed every moment. These people don’t sell just any kind of hot wings, here they serve whole wings! If someone was to order a five piece, he/she would really be paying for 10 wings in all. I was very pleased by the menu and the customer service while waiting for my order. The people who owned the establishment were welcoming and fun to talk to. Before leaving they made sure I was satisfied with my order before a transaction was made. There I ordered the seven piece lemon peppers wings along with a side of fried mushrooms. I also tried the fried green tomatoes which is a popular item on the menu. I would recommend everyone to go down to Lil 5 Points to pay them a visit. My order was definitely made with love. 

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