Gucci and team up to create a flashy new smart band

by nemotheeguru continues to reinvent himself, not just with music, but in the technology world. The Blackeyed Peas member and Gucci has decided to collaborated on creating a new standalone smart band called The timepiece is expected to make and receive calls, send messages, store music, run email apps and also act a fitness tracker. states that they will be developing a device that’s both fashionable and technologically advanced that is unique to the marketplace. For those who are familiar with the musician’s previous timepiece venture with Puls smart watch-style cuff that has the same blueprint, but not with the Gucci Timepiece brand.
Whether the product is rebranded or made to become a different device, the Puls brand still remains to be seen. Vogue magazine was the first to receive an exclusive on the product, unfortunately the report didn’t provide any technical detail. The smart band wasn’t officially revealed at the launch event, however and Marco Bizarre CEO of Gucci  wore prototypes.