Jessica Alba Equals Self Made and Paid!!

by nemotheeguru

Jessica Alba has managed to secure one of the top spots on the cover of Forbes Magazine where she is declared “America’s Richest Self Made Woman”. The 34 year old actress is the owner of a new business called, “The Honest Company”. Now we all know her from her break out acting role on the hit show, Dark Angels which only lasted on air for two seconds. However, Alba has obtained several roles after is now worth $200 million dollars which puts her another $50 million away from being toe to toe with Jay Z and Beyonce’s net worth.


In 2008, Alba decided to launch “The Honest Company” which consists of organic and eco-friendly line that targets infants and those who are in need of household products. These decisions were inspired by her own experiences where she suffered from redness and welts on her skin during her pregnancy as a reaction from a laundry detergent that contained chemical based ingredients. Based on her childhood Jessica suffered from multiple hospital visits and allergy outbreaks which caused her to research the ingredients that are used in these laundry and cleaning products.

After her appalling revelation, Jessica made several attempts to create her own organic products at home but was unsuccessful which began her quest to conducting research and using the help of professionals to grasp the better concept of going green.

It’s now been 3 years since “The Honest Company” made its first appearance on the shelves from making  gross estimate of $10 million to now racking in a whopping $250 million this year! One time for her and I encourage every do their research on the products that may relate to the skin. This is a great time where people are stepping into their own, becoming self made business owners and being successful at it.

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