Lil Wayne signed a deal with Jay Z?

by nemotheeguru


It was an interesting day for hip hop when Lil Wayne took the stage at the KMEL Summer Jam this past Saturday. The crowd began to cheer as the rumors started to fly as Weezy announced that he signed a deal with none other than Jay Z. Could this mean that Weezy is now apart of the Roc Nation family? NEGATIVE!! Lil Wayne’s manager set the record straight that it was more like his new involvement with Tidal as a co-owner for this month, followed by him dropping a new track called “Glory.” Of course the fans and blogs would take this story and run with it after he spoke about the new deal. What Lil Wayne actually referred to was his new partnership with Jay Z and his new deal as an artist owner on Tidal.

Now his may have been disappointed for it now being the collaboration they expected, but signing any deal with Jay Z can only mean a big success!! Knowing that Lil Wayne and Jay Z are two of the biggest hip hop artists with several awarded Grammys with #1 radio hits between them, Jay Z has expressed interest in him years ago before signing to Cash Money. Now thats tea for sure!! A while back Jay Z stopped by Power 105.1 when he mentioned in a Breakfast Club interview that he called him out of respect and that it was only right to bring him in on the deal.

But hold up, wait a minute!! Let’s not forget that Lil Wayne is till indeed signed to Cash Money which has always been his home away from home since his first recording back in 1993. Since the news of Wayne’s departure from Cash Money, he’s not holding back on his opinions about Cash Money and Birman.

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