Sweet Times at Sweet Potato Cafe

by nemotheeguru

After a long Saturday morning of apartment hunting I decided to stop by Sweet Potato Cafe located in Stone Mountain, Ga. Now I’ve patronized this business before and on my first visit I ordered a turkey and egg sweet potato biscuit! I loved every crumb! It was fresh! Lightly flaked with the perfect amount of butter! I enjoyed my breakfast biscuit so much that I had to meet the chef who is also the owner of the restaurant.

To be more clear about the location for anyone who isn’t familiar can make their way to Stone Mountain Village and just watch for a bunch of cars lined up behind one another or patrons looking for parking spots. It looks very small, fun and quaint on the outside but once you walk inside its quite the experience! 

I admired the decorum, the greetings as soon as you cross the threshold, and my favorite part…the drinks, appetizer and last but not least….the MAIN COURSE. For anyone who truly knows me is fully aware of my love for fried greens tomatoes. Everyone makes their green tomatoes different but this appetizer had an interesting twist!! 

I was just looking for to regular fried green tomatoes but instead it was thrown for a loop. The fries green tomatoes had a smoked sweet potato taste, followed by red onions & black eyed peas and corn as the topping. As I was trying to decide what I wanted for a main course I was surprised by an old friend….Ms Vita. A little Sicilian lady I met years ago in high school where we both worked at a mom & pop restaurant at the Northlake Mall. She was so sweet, witty and funny. And can y’all believe that she still looks the same?! And how about she remembers me!! 

Amazing after all these years right??!! She helped me pick out the perfect roasted turkey panini with lettuce, tomatoes with the most delicious homemade spread. I enjoyed her service and the great food!! 

This local mom and pop restaurant is a black owned business and I encourage my brothers & sisters to give it a try! Y’all won’t be sorry! 

Sweet Potato Cafe located at:

5377 Manor Dr, Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Happy food hunting! Thanks for reading!!