An Evening At So Ba

by nemotheeguru

This passed weekend I decided to try something different for my tastebuds. Now if any who knows me well may have a good idea of the type of foods that I like to eat. I like to call myself a food connoisseur simply because I never like to eat the same things all the time and I’ll try anything once. 

I wanted to go somewhere different so I decided to surprise my boyfriend and take him to a Vietnamese restaurant. I stumbled upon a place called So Ba here in East Atlanta Village. It looks like a small home on the outside but has a very nice intimate setting once you step inside. The atmosphere was intimate, the people who greeted us as we walked in were very polite also. 

For our appetizer we order the shrimp spring rolls that are wrapped in rice paper and for our entree’, we both ordered medium bowls of Pho’ which consisted of shrimp and chicken. Now I’m no stranger to Vietnamese culture but my boyfriend was and of course I was more worried about his cultural experience more than anything. 

Turns out we both enjoyed our meals and the atmosphere. It’s the perfect intimate setting if you want to take someone on a nice and quiet date. For all my food lovers out there, may sure this restaurant is on your good bucket list!! 

Thanks for reading!!