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Sweet Times at Sweet Potato Cafe

After a long Saturday morning of apartment hunting I decided to stop by Sweet Potato Cafe located in Stone Mountain, Ga. Now I’ve patronized this business before and on my first visit I ordered a turkey and egg sweet potato biscuit! I loved every crumb! It was fresh! Lightly flaked with the perfect amount of butter! I enjoyed my breakfast biscuit so much that I had to meet the chef who is also the owner of the restaurant.

To be more clear about the location for anyone who isn’t familiar can make their way to Stone Mountain Village and just watch for a bunch of cars lined up behind one another or patrons looking for parking spots. It looks very small, fun and quaint on the outside but once you walk inside its quite the experience! 

I admired the decorum, the greetings as soon as you cross the threshold, and my favorite part…the drinks, appetizer and last but not least….the MAIN COURSE. For anyone who truly knows me is fully aware of my love for fried greens tomatoes. Everyone makes their green tomatoes different but this appetizer had an interesting twist!! 

I was just looking for to regular fried green tomatoes but instead it was thrown for a loop. The fries green tomatoes had a smoked sweet potato taste, followed by red onions & black eyed peas and corn as the topping. As I was trying to decide what I wanted for a main course I was surprised by an old friend….Ms Vita. A little Sicilian lady I met years ago in high school where we both worked at a mom & pop restaurant at the Northlake Mall. She was so sweet, witty and funny. And can y’all believe that she still looks the same?! And how about she remembers me!! 

Amazing after all these years right??!! She helped me pick out the perfect roasted turkey panini with lettuce, tomatoes with the most delicious homemade spread. I enjoyed her service and the great food!! 

This local mom and pop restaurant is a black owned business and I encourage my brothers & sisters to give it a try! Y’all won’t be sorry! 

Sweet Potato Cafe located at:

5377 Manor Dr, Stone Mountain, GA 30083

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Lil 5 Points Newest Edition

Four years in business and six months in Lil 5 Points is where you may find Miss Crumpy’s Hot Wings! Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting this independent establishment and enjoyed every moment. These people don’t sell just any kind of hot wings, here they serve whole wings! If someone was to order a five piece, he/she would really be paying for 10 wings in all. I was very pleased by the menu and the customer service while waiting for my order. The people who owned the establishment were welcoming and fun to talk to. Before leaving they made sure I was satisfied with my order before a transaction was made. There I ordered the seven piece lemon peppers wings along with a side of fried mushrooms. I also tried the fried green tomatoes which is a popular item on the menu. I would recommend everyone to go down to Lil 5 Points to pay them a visit. My order was definitely made with love. 

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Do At The View

For a few years now I’ve been hearing a lot about this restaurant which I’ve been dying to go for the longest. Do At The View is an upscale pizza lounge with a great atmosphere to die for. This past weekend I paid a visit to this restaurant for Valentines Day and I was very impressed. The lounge is covered in all white where on each table the guests can order their meals and drinks from an iPad. If you look up at the walls there are images shown from a projector and if you download an app called, “remote”, you’re able to control the videos that are played on the projector. The atmosphere was very calming, welcoming and romantics. For the appetizer we ordered stuffed mushrooms and ordered two personal pan pizzas. After the entree we ordered a banana pudding which was very impressive. I never eat banana pudding unless it’s homemade but I made an acception. If I wasn’t already impressed the restrooms which are called “confessionals” were very clean & high tech. I simply pressed a green button to enter and once I stepped in I pushed a big red button which makes the doors close in a sliding motion. My overall visit was a great one. It was more than I expected and I definitely plan to pay this place a visit again!

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ATL’s Best Kept Secret

I haven’t always been the best at catching breakfast in the mornings but I definitely had the opportunity to catch this one! Now this isn’t my first time visiting but it is my second time ordering the same dish. Ladies and gentleman, I introduce to your tastebuds, Homegrown. My boyfriend took me to this place of business earlier this summer and I was impressed by far! For all of those who are in favor of a great place for breakfast, Homegrown is the place to be! Homegrown is the perfect place for breakfast, brunch & lunch! The ambiance is amazing. The inside of this place will give you the down home cooking and the southern comfort you’ve been looking for. Be sure if you want to get a good seat, make sure you get there early because it does get packed on the weekends!

Homegrown is the perfect breakfast spot! For all my foodies reading this I hope you enjoy!

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Out of the town to RA Sushi Bar & Restaurant

Me and one of best girls heading out on the town meeting up for happy hour at RA Sushi

RA Sushi Bar

California Rolls

RA Sushi

Shrimp rolls

RA Sushi Bar & Restaurant

Cuervo Yuzu Margarita

RA Sushi Bar & Restaurant

Pineapple Cheese Wontons

RA Sushi. Bar. Restaurant


RA Sushi Bar & Restaurant is an upscale place that is known for their style of Japanese fusion. This sushi bar is known for their inventive sushi creations, cocktails, and their oh so popular happy hour deals. My high school classmate and I stumbled upon this place a week ago where we kept hearing about how people were raving about RA Sushi so we were dying to try something new. My friend and I are no strangers to good sushi, and we are always on a quest to find new best kept secrets! What I do like about this place is that during happy hour, they validate your parking, but only for two hours which was a long enough stay for us. And just a side note: while my friend and I were there, we not only adored the ambiance of the restaurant but we also adored the very handsome young men that works there as well! We were smitten! Aside from that the food, service, cleanliness of the restaurant was absolutely phenomenal. I not only enjoyed the company that was with me but just enjoyed the all around mood that the restaurant has to offer. We just so happen to go to RA Sushi on a Monday which was a good day for happy hour and we had a great time! We ordered the sesame wings, Cuervo Margaritas, California rolls and it was also great with a great presentation. We will definitely be visiting again very soon and I would tell anyone to stop by for a glass of wine at happy hour!

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