Traveling Vibes & Tips


July 4th, 2016- Traveling to Albany, Ga. The 4th of july weekend to Albany was filled with peace, quiet, good food and drinks! It doesn’t take alot of money to enjoy a trip to South Georgia, find a good friend who you can bunk with, fire up the grill and let the food times roll! Here are some easy tips to help when traveling on a budget.

Tip #1: Always have gas money to get there and back home.

Tip #2: When in South Georgia, make sure that you have plenty of bug spray. (espcially for the knats and mosquitos)

Tip #3: When you fire up the grill, mak sure the food is prepped and ready for the grill. Be sure to have a variety to choose from on th menu.

Tip #4: Mix up good cocktails, pop up a cold brew and crank up the tunes!