Jessica Alba Equals Self Made and Paid!!

Jessica Alba has managed to secure one of the top spots on the cover of Forbes Magazine where she is declared “America’s Richest Self Made Woman”. The 34 year old actress is the owner of a new business called, “The Honest Company”. Now we all know her from her break out acting role on the hit show, Dark Angels which only lasted on air for two seconds. However, Alba has obtained several roles after is now worth $200 million dollars which puts her another $50 million away from being toe to toe with Jay Z and Beyonce’s net worth.


In 2008, Alba decided to launch “The Honest Company” which consists of organic and eco-friendly line that targets infants and those who are in need of household products. These decisions were inspired by her own experiences where she suffered from redness and welts on her skin during her pregnancy as a reaction from a laundry detergent that contained chemical based ingredients. Based on her childhood Jessica suffered from multiple hospital visits and allergy outbreaks which caused her to research the ingredients that are used in these laundry and cleaning products.

After her appalling revelation, Jessica made several attempts to create her own organic products at home but was unsuccessful which began her quest to conducting research and using the help of professionals to grasp the better concept of going green.

It’s now been 3 years since “The Honest Company” made its first appearance on the shelves from making  gross estimate of $10 million to now racking in a whopping $250 million this year! One time for her and I encourage every do their research on the products that may relate to the skin. This is a great time where people are stepping into their own, becoming self made business owners and being successful at it.

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Gucci and team up to create a flashy new smart band continues to reinvent himself, not just with music, but in the technology world. The Blackeyed Peas member and Gucci has decided to collaborated on creating a new standalone smart band called The timepiece is expected to make and receive calls, send messages, store music, run email apps and also act a fitness tracker. states that they will be developing a device that’s both fashionable and technologically advanced that is unique to the marketplace. For those who are familiar with the musician’s previous timepiece venture with Puls smart watch-style cuff that has the same blueprint, but not with the Gucci Timepiece brand.
Whether the product is rebranded or made to become a different device, the Puls brand still remains to be seen. Vogue magazine was the first to receive an exclusive on the product, unfortunately the report didn’t provide any technical detail. The smart band wasn’t officially revealed at the launch event, however and Marco Bizarre CEO of Gucci  wore prototypes.

Drake, Nas, Rakim and Notorius B.I.G Will Take Over Sprite Cans For The Summer


Sprite has recently launched a big campaign which could be good for hip hop and Coca Cola. The soda’s new campaign, “Obey Your Verse” which features hip hop lyrics from artists such as Drake, Rakim, Nas and the late and great Biggie Smalls on the side of the soda can. These artists were carefully picked based on being true to themselves, hip hop music and leading culture.

There will only be 16 limited edition cans, bottles and multipacks that will show some of the most memorable hip hop lines from these four legendary artists and will be available throughout the summer. Lyrics such as “Know yourself, know your worth” from Drake, “The world is yours” from Nas, “Paid in full” from Rakim and last but not lease “One more chance” from Notorious B.I.G. Make sure to enjoy every lyric while you quench your thirst!!

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To Pimp A Butterfly Breaks The Internet

On the 20th anniversary of Tupac Shakur’s album “Me Against The World”, Kendrick Lamar’s highly anticipated album, “To Pimp A Butterfly” was released Sunday night and became the most talked about trending topic on Twitter. The new album was a follow up from Lamar’s debut album “Good kid, M.a.a.d City. The original release date for the album was scheduled to dropped next week on March 23rd. However, releasing the album early was all in King Kendrick’s plan. The next day he tweeted, “Yesterday, March 14th was a special day.” He also tweeted, “20 years later.” – Kendrick Lamar

Although there was much excitement about the release, it also brought on much confusion for iTunes and Spotify, where the clean and explicit versions went up at two different times, it was taken down then went live again. Now don’t get it twisted, it’s no surprise that the album release would keep the people on their toes. Lamar has been noted to be hip hop’s man of methodical thinking who is the underdog of Drake’s recent success. 

This compilation of musical genius speaks on the issues of race and racial tensions in America, the national discourse of black lives mattering, black dysfunctions and personal demons that he faces. The many musical layers of this album fills the ears of listeners to look forward to hearing mothership funk, a loose free-form of jazz and down-home soul. The lyrics of each song are powered with race and personal identity that could possibly make someone of mixed company become very uncomfortable. Although it defies that feel of easy listening, it becomes deeply rewarding for Lamar’s body of work as he also gives us the old-fashion sense of complexity. Kendrick’s obsession with seeing women as whole beings, messy complexities of life, and the conflicts of revenge and violence are all told in reviving stories through real poetry that speaks of hidden truths and exposed secrets. The self-proclaimed has truly out-done himself. This album is more than an announcement, its the start of a revolutionary conversation. 

Kanye West & Dame Dash makes power moves!! 

If Kanye hasn’t made his mark into the fashion world, this by far could put him on the right track. Recently, Kanye West and Dame Dash has taken things to the next level by officially purchasing online streetwear retailer Karmaloop. Dash broke the news by making an announcement on his Instagram page. Karmaloop stocked hundreds of brands such as Billionaire Boys Club, New Balance, Dimepiece LA and even 10 Deep. The online store also gave up and coming labels in the world of streetwear to set a platform to sell their styles inside the company’s marketplace. 

Karmaloop recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy by force last even though the company holds a huge following within the streetwear community since it first launched in 2000. According to, the online streetwear store had fallen into millions of dollars worth of debt. The company was saved from complete shut down due to the purchase from the duo who recently reconciled their differences. 

While Dash and West urges their fans not to expect any music, but to look forward to this new venture there’s little to no mentions of their plans for the site which averages 4 million visitors per month. 

Karmaloop founder Greg Selkoe also confirmed the new partnership via Twitter and mentions that he plans to remain involved of the online store’s future. 

Lil 5 Points Newest Edition

Four years in business and six months in Lil 5 Points is where you may find Miss Crumpy’s Hot Wings! Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting this independent establishment and enjoyed every moment. These people don’t sell just any kind of hot wings, here they serve whole wings! If someone was to order a five piece, he/she would really be paying for 10 wings in all. I was very pleased by the menu and the customer service while waiting for my order. The people who owned the establishment were welcoming and fun to talk to. Before leaving they made sure I was satisfied with my order before a transaction was made. There I ordered the seven piece lemon peppers wings along with a side of fried mushrooms. I also tried the fried green tomatoes which is a popular item on the menu. I would recommend everyone to go down to Lil 5 Points to pay them a visit. My order was definitely made with love. 

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Curren$y and Guests: Pilot Talk 3 Tour

For all my jets the time is near “The Hot Spitta” will be back home at the Masquerade here in Atlanta, Ga on March 25, 2015; 

where the Pilot Talk 3 Tour will commence. Even though the highly anticipated album Pilot Talk 3, won’t release until April, that won’t stop Curren$y from giving the people what they want. This is an event that you don’t want to miss! The doors open at 6pm, and the show starts at 7pm at the Masquerade. I got my ticket, it’s time to get yours! 

Tickets are available online at or any local publix in your area the has a ticketmaster kiosk. 

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PSA: This Is A Food Poison Free Zone

When a customer visits a restaurant, he or she is looking forward to what they are about to eat from the menu. Be mindful, at the bottom of the menu it clearly states in fine print that the customers should be aware that any food that is served by that restaurant and consumed by that customer that the meal could be raw or a customer could get an allergic reaction. 

This is their way of implementing their insurance policy on not being responsible for any harm done to that person. I recently visited a restuarant this Saturday where I ordered a Jack Daniels Turkey Burger and it was absolutely delicious. The presentation was good and the service was satisfying. The next day I came down with a terrible stomach virus where I suffered from food poisoning. Turns out the burger wasn’t well cooked like I thought. I was highly disappointed after having a conversation with management because he did not want to take responsibility for this misfortune. The moral to this story is to first check the grade of the establishment, read the fine print on the menu, ask questions, and examine your food. 

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Do At The View

For a few years now I’ve been hearing a lot about this restaurant which I’ve been dying to go for the longest. Do At The View is an upscale pizza lounge with a great atmosphere to die for. This past weekend I paid a visit to this restaurant for Valentines Day and I was very impressed. The lounge is covered in all white where on each table the guests can order their meals and drinks from an iPad. If you look up at the walls there are images shown from a projector and if you download an app called, “remote”, you’re able to control the videos that are played on the projector. The atmosphere was very calming, welcoming and romantics. For the appetizer we ordered stuffed mushrooms and ordered two personal pan pizzas. After the entree we ordered a banana pudding which was very impressive. I never eat banana pudding unless it’s homemade but I made an acception. If I wasn’t already impressed the restrooms which are called “confessionals” were very clean & high tech. I simply pressed a green button to enter and once I stepped in I pushed a big red button which makes the doors close in a sliding motion. My overall visit was a great one. It was more than I expected and I definitely plan to pay this place a visit again!

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Sweet Times at Sweet Potato Cafe

One morning I was out for my daily workout where I soon became hungry. Early that morning I was out walking Stone Mountain Park where I spotted this small cafe while leaving. The cafe was located in Stone Mountain Village across from an Art shop.
Me being who I am I was very curious and thinking with my stomach I convinced myself to give it a try. Before walking in this cafe it looks like a small single standing house, once you walk inside the atmosphere gives the down-home feeling that anyone would enjoy. Since it was my first visit I decided to be on the safe side and order a sweet potato biscuit. This biscuit wasn’t the same frozen jimmy dean breakfast that we all know and love. This biscuit was made out of sweet potatoes and the turkey sausage patty was freshly made with ground turkey. As soon as you take the first bite it’s nothing but heaven on a plate. I truly enjoyed this biscuit along with the fresh raspberries beautifully placed along side the sweet potato biscuit.
During my visit, not only was the food amazing but the staff did their part as well. Before leaving I was able to meet the chef of the cafe. She was very kind and made sure that I enjoyed my experience & wanted me to come again! This was truly a great good experience for me and I plan to go back very soon.

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